Dufamin Oral

An entire mineral formula containing essential minerals, trace elements and Choline essential for many metabolic functions, especially for bone composition, maintenance of osmotic pressure and enzyme activation.


Dufaminovit Oral

Essential vitamins and amino acids blended in an oral solution for perfection in metabolic functions


Electrolysol Oral

A first-choice therapy with oral rehydration solution comprises of water, electrolytes and absorption-promoting substances due to its efficacy in all bacterial, viral and non-infectious forms of diarrhoea.


Multivit Extra

A complete vitamin formula for easy prevention and therapy of hypo-vitaminosis



A concentrated alkaline foam cleaner for efficent removal of fats, proteins and soils on hard, non-porous environmental surfaces before disinfection



A broad spectrum, 50% stabilized hydrogen peroxide based sanitizer for drinking water systems, an effective oxidizing biocide and oxidant for control of organic deposits and bio film in drinking water systems.



A powerful multipurpose iodine based disinfectant for one-step cleaning and disinfection in food plants, livestock buildings and veterinary clinics.


Dufavit E 15 % + Sel Oral

An authentic solution for oral administration containing vitamin E and Selenium for prevention of tissue damage and  integrity of reproductive, muscular, circulatory & nervous and immune systems.


Dufamix Lincomycin 4.4 %

A best broad spectrum feed Premix that gives you more consistent disease control and more consistent weight gain and adds up to more profit.


Dufasept-Dufa Des

A powerful multipurpose glutaraldehyde/quaternary ammonium based disinfectant for the disinfection of livestock housing facilities, livestock trucks and trailers and equipment, processing areas and equipment, and produce warehouses for use in footbaths and as wheel sanitizer