About N.B Sons

N.B Sons (Pvt) Ltd. is a broad based animal health care company devoted to discovering new medicines and new ways to manage animal health. Our products range from nutritional products, pharmaceutical therapies to disinfectants.

We incorporated in the year 2000 and steadily expanded to having a presence in all major cities of Pakistan. Our team is committed to improving animal health care by providing high quality and innovative products and health care solutions that are not only viable for our customers but also contribute to the health and wellness of the animals and those around them.

A continuous process of team building, training and development at various levels of the organisation enables our team to offer effective solutions for various livestock health care challenges with products and services that are well focused within all our customers reach.  We have developed a committed service culture which ensures the consistent delivery of our products and services within the highest quality service parameters.

We believe that a positive work environment helps in growing the skills and abilities of our staff; therefore, we do our best and make every effort to creating a work environment that promotes team work, learning and innovation which helps us in achieving our goal of

Continuously providing cost effective and innovative ways to manage animal health, contributing to the overall health of the society.

All our products are registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and manufactured in GMP and GMP+ licensed facilities in Holland by Dutch Farm International B.V.